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Take our Christmas Test and Win

Take our
Christmas Test and Win

Every Czech Time user who does at least one test in the Christmas vocabulary set between the 24th of November and the 24th of December will get a draw ticket with a chance to win one of these prizes:

1 000 CZK voucher to
500 CZK voucher to the bookstore Luxor
Premium membership for 6 months at Czech Time
Premium membership for 3 months at Czech Time
Premium membership for 1 month at Czech Time

The winners will be contacted by email and will be displayed on the Dashboard on the 27th of December.


Terms & Conditions

  1. To do the test, you must be registered to Czech Time.
  2. Premium members do not have any advantage in the test, nor the draw.
  3. To avoid cheating, only tests with the grade 33% and more will be entered into the draw.
  4. The ticket will be granted automatically upon successful completion of the test. There is no way to get more draw tickets per user.
  5. Repeating the test multiple times and/or increasing the score does not increase the chances of winning.
  6. The winners will be selected randomly in the form of drawing physical tickets. The drawing process takes places on the 27th of December and will be maximally transparent with a video posted on social media.
  7. The prizes are not tied to the draw. The winner gets to choose any one of the above-mentioned prizes as long as they have not been taken by the previous winner. This means that the first-drawn ticket chooses from all 5 prizes, while the last one gets the last remaining prize.
  8. All prizes will be sent to the winners via email in the form of a code which can be redeemed at the respective vendor/service.
  9. The Premium Membership prize is non-transferable and is linked to the winner’s account.
  10. If the winner is currently a Premium member and wins a Premium membership, the duration of this membership will be extended by the number of months won.
  11. The activity is for foreigners only. Upon suspicion that the winner is a Czech citizen, the organiser reserves the right to ask for identification or re-draw and select another player.
  12. Upon suspicion on creating multiple accounts, the organiser reserves the right to re-draw and select another player.