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Most Common Questions

Is this website free to use?

Yes, you are free to use this website but you will have a considerably limited access to its features. If you want to have unlimited access to all lessons, vocabulary, homework practice and many more, you will need to purchase the premium membership. Why? You need to pay for an online textbook the same way as you would need to pay for the paper one.

Do I need any previous knowledge about the language?

Not at all. This textbook is designed in such a way that even complete beginners from non-European countries can understand it easily.

How do I start?

Just register and follow one lesson after another. You will be prompted to do homework and tests. For detailed information, please visit our How to Use This Website guide.

Will this website help me to pass a Czech exam?

Yes! Czech Time can prepare you for Czech Language Exam for Applicants for Permanent Residency (A2 Level). Even though, this textbook is not specifically designed for this exam, you will greatly benefit from the knowledge gained here.

About the Website

What things can I learn on this website?

The main part of the website is the Beginner Grammar course. It is a step-by-step guide through all necessary Czech grammar. There is also Vocabulary section which explores different areas grouped into categories such as Animals, Means of Transport, Body Parts etc. The short Pronunciation part with many audio records is mainly relevant to those who are not familiar with Slavic-sounding languages. You can also use a number of useful Tools to aid your learning.

Do I have to use all sections (Vocabulary, Pronunciation…)?

No. They are not compulsory, but highly recommended as they are equally important as grammar. You can complement your main grammar studies with these extra lessons or learn them separately.

I am not a beginner. Can I study intermediate level?

Not at the moment. Czech Time is currently designed for complete beginners. We are constantly working on new content and we will deliver Level B lessons in the future.

Do I need to print any materials?

No. Your learning can be completely paperless. You will find everything you need on this website. We strive to provide you with a real textbook experience, therefore, you can write your own personal notes, bookmark lessons, see vocabulary lists etc.

Can I print grammar lessons and vocabulary topics?

Yes, it is possible for personal use. There is a designed button for it in every lesson. One lesson of topic always equals one sheet of paper, so you can keep it very well organised.

Who is the author?

The author is Tomáš Ptáčník, an experienced language teacher who has a unique systematic approach to teaching. Read more about him in the About Us section.

Free Content

What can I access for free?

After registering, you can access limited number of grammar lessons, do their homework and tests, save progress, set up your avatar, make personal notes, bookmark lessons, read and comment on other peoples’ homework. You also get full access to all the Tools and the Pronunciation section, and limited access to Vocabulary and Drills.

Will there be new free content in the future?

Yes, we are constantly adding new content both for premium and free members. These can be conversation lessons, holiday lessons and articles, and any other extra materials.

Will my free account ever get deleted?

Your account will remain active unless you break our Terms and Conditions. You will always have access to your personal notes, finished homework and test statistics.

Premium Membership

Why do I need a Premium membership?

Premium membership unlocks access to all parts of the website. While active, you also automatically get access to all newly-released content.

How do I get a Premium membership?

First, you need to register and visit the Buy Premium page. You can see the prices there.

How can I pay?

You can pay online via your debit or credit card.

Can I pause my membership?

Unfortunately, we do not pause access in any case. Premium membership is fixed to a certain number of days, commencing on the day of purchase. Please plan ahead before purchasing the premium membership. You can choose among 1-month, 6-month ad 12-month-long versions.

I have a voucher/ discount code. How do I apply it?

You can activate your premium membership from a code in your Settings. If you have a discount code, you can apply it in the purchase form directly on the Buy Premium page.

Cancelling Premium Membership

What does cancelling my membership mean?

It means that your current premium status will be valid until the purchased period and it will not be renewed automatically.

Will I lose access to the premium content after cancelling?

No. You can access all premium content until the end of the purchased period.

How do I cancel my membership?

By clicking the button in the user settings or by contacting our customer support.

Can I cancel my membership and get a refund?

No. Refunds are not issued as we believe that there are enough free materials which reflect the quality of the premium content. Students have a clear idea of what they are buying. *Some exceptions may apply, feel free to contact us.

Can I get a refund after an automatic renewal?

Yes, if you were charged with a renewal subscription and you do not want it, you can ask for a refund within 10 days. No interaction can be made within this time, otherwise the refund request will be rejected. A processing fee in the amount of 125 CZK will be deducted from the price being refunded.

Lessons, Tests and Homework

Do I have to do all homework and tests online?

No, however, your experience will be greatly improved when working online. The homework and tests are not obligatory, but doing them directly on the website has many benefits, such as knowing correct answers of tests, asking the teacher questions about your homework, browsing through different statistics about the progress.

How do I mark and track my progress?

In every lesson, click “Mark as read” and homework “Mark as done” buttons to indicate your progress. You can check your overall progress and statistics on your Profile. Each website section (Grammar, Vocabulary…) also clearly indicates the previous, current and the future lesson to study.

How to write homework?

The best way is to write homework online directly to the comment section below the lesson. This area can is used for homework as well as discussions about the topic. Therefore, you always need to mark your entry as homework. Alternatively, you can do the tasks offline to your own exercise book. However, these will not count to your online statistics.

Can I record my homework as audio/video?

Yes! We highly encourage you to post audio and video materials. Reading your homework out loud is beneficial to your learning and motivational to others. Please use some good quality platform (Youtube, SoundCloud) to upload your materials and then share a link together with your text-based homework in the comments.

Can I edit or delete my homework?

Sure, your homework can be edited directly below the lesson at your entry. Deleting can be done only from your Profile (Homework section).

Can I retake a test?

Yes, you can take any test as many times as you want. We encourage you to keep trying until you achieve 100%.

Can I ask questions about lessons?

Sure! You can ask questions directly in the comments below each lesson and a professional teacher will try to assist you as soon as possible. First, please make sure your question has not been answer already. Most common questions are usually pinned at the top of the comment section. Please note that not all questions have to be answered as they may be irrelevant to the topic, higher level or violating the site rules.

How do I write special Czech characters?

In early lessons, you can use our virtual keyboard with all accented letters. However, soon, you will be required to learn to write them. Please refer to the How to write special characters on keyboard? article.

I think I found a mistake. How do I report it?

If you find a problem anywhere, please use the Feedback button on the right of your screen. You can also visit the Contact Us page and we will investigate the issue as soon as possible.

Will I get any certificate upon completing the textbook?

Yes, after completing a part of the textbook (Level A for now), you will be able to download a PDF certificate proving completion of the lessons. You can attach this document to your CV or place it on the wall of your achievements. However, this document has no legal value and is not an official indication of your language skills.

User and Account

I forgot my password. What do I do?

Please visit the Password Recovery page and fill in your registered email address. If having problems, do not forget to doublecheck your spam folder.

Where can I upload a profile picture?

You can do so in your profile Settings. You can also change it or delete it there.

Do I have to use a picture of my face?

No, you can upload any picture. But please note that all images violating our Terms and Conditions will be deleted and your account may be terminated.

Do I have to use my real First and Last name?

Yes. It will never be shown publicly, we need these details only to process the payment.

Where can I change my details such as country, email etc.?

You can change them in your profile Settings. Your Nickname cannot be changed, so please choose carefully at the registration.

For Educators

I am an educational institution (school, university…). Can I use your materials?

You need a Teacher membership to use this website for commercial purposes. No content can be redistributed to non-members without it. For prices and Premium Membership bundles, please refer to our For Educators section.

I am a private teacher. Can I use Czech Time for my teaching?

You need a Teacher membership to use this website for commercial purposes. No content can be redistributed to non-members without it. For prices and Premium Membership bundles, please refer to our For Educators section.