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Czech Time is a Czech company based in Brno providing foreigners with an online platform for learning the Czech language. Unlike other platforms, it is a visual and interactive experience with thousands of words, and a number of grammar lessons and language tools. The company was founded in 2020 and it is a living project. The author is constantly adding new content and is listening to users’ feedback.

The Founder

This online textbook with practice has been developed by Tomáš Ptáčník, a professional language teacher and mentor who has devoted his whole life to languages. Both learning and teaching them. Tomáš has been teaching languages for 14 years and by having students from more than 25 countries, he has learned to give Czech lessons in a deeply systematic way.

  • Email: tomas (at)
  • Tel.: +420 730 616 327

Mission Statement

“The mission of Czech Time is to make learning the Czech language an enjoyable activity by providing students with a comprehensive guide to all its educational aspects.”

Our Logos

Feel free to use these logos for media purposes:

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Our Colours

When using our brand in media, please comply with our colour code:

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We are Out There!

Czech Time is active not only in the virtual world, but also has a physical presence throughout the Czech Republic, either through cooperation with other companies or participation in live events.

JobSpin Fair 2022
JobSpin Job and Relocation Fair 2022
JobSpin Fair 2022
JobSpin Job and Relocation Fair 2022
Presentation in Brno Expat Centre
Presentation in Brno Expat Centre
Leaflets in universities across Czechia
Leaflets in universities across Czechia

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Our Partners

We proudly collaborate with the following partners:

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